Winter Squash Spaghetti - 45 Seeds
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Winter Squash Spaghetti - 45 Seeds
An unusual variety that when cooked the flesh resembles Spaghetti !!
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Spaghetti Squash - Cucurbita pepo

Also known as spaghetti marrow or vegetable spaghetti. Produces a fruit up to 1.2Kg in weight. Cook fruits whole by baking, boiling or steaming. When cooked the inner flesh forms ribbons, which are similar in appearance to spaghetti, with a slightly sweet flavour. Winter squashes are characterised by the development of a hardened skin and the ability to be stored, typically up to six months. The wide range of winter squashes has become increasingly in demand in recent years, most notably butternet and kabocha types.


Sow April-end of May/early June individually into 3 " pots of good quality seed compost
When large enough to handle and all risk of frost has passed plant out at a space of 60cm-120cm by 90-150cm,
Harvest from July onwards, once the fruits have reached the desired size.
The addition of some well rotted seed manure to the site that the plants are to be finally planted into will encourage stronger growth and a bigger crop

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