Tomato Moneymaker Appx 240 seeds
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Tomato Moneymaker Appx 240 seeds
A very heavy cropper that produce red fruits with an excellent flavour
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This variety produces medium sized red fruits in profusion!!! 20 plants will produce enough beautiful fruits to keep you and your friends busily munching, soup making etc etc for weeks !!!


Sow the seeds in Spring Appx 1/4 deep in good quality seed compost.
When the seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into 3" pots taking care not to damage the stems / leaves.
Transplant out to final positions when all risk of frost has passed and plants are Appx 20" tall'
Pinch out any side shoots taking care not to remove any of the flowering stems.
These plants may require additional support.
A Good free draining soil that is also moisture retentive (ie not clay or sand) is best. It is also advisable to add some well rotted organic matter to the area to be planted prior to planting.
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