Tomato Gardeners Delight 50 seeds
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Tomato 'Gardeners Delight' 50 seeds
A super variety for outdoor production. Heavy cropper of tasy fruits
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Tomato Gardeners Delight

An old variety but still as popular as ever. The numerous small fruits have a fine tangy flavour.


Sow Early April to end May Outdoors.
For Greenhouse production sowing can start as early as mid Feb
Harvest in appx 14 weeks - August to October.
Although an Easy plant to grow some care must be taken when transplanting and throughout the growing season.
Sow thinly in trays or individual 3"pots
Transplant when large enough to handle taking care not to damage the stems or leaves.
Transplant to final position for outdoor crops when all risk of frost has gone.
As the plants grow it is common practice to remove side shoots maintaining one central stem - take care not to remove the flowering branches that form!! Support the plant as it grows with canes and when 3 - 4 truss's of fruit are starting to form pinch out the top growing point. This encourages the plant to put all its effort into fruit production.
Remove any leaves that start to turn yellow or are damaged (this usually starts at the bottom of the plant).
Tomato plants require a sunny position preferably sheltered from strong winds.
A weekly feed with a tomato fertiliser is recommended.
Keep an eye out for pests and diseases especially the dreaded 'Blight' - Blight can be treated with 'Bordeaux mix' or alternatively remove the affected plants completely and burn them. It is not recommended to compost plants that have been affected by Blight.
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Tomato Ailsa Craig appx - 120 seeds
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