Tarragon Russian Artemesia dracunculoides Appx 5000 seeds
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Tarragon Russian (Artemesia dracunculoides) Appx 5000 seeds
A superb variety for cooking. Not as strong as French Tarragon but easy to grow
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Tarragon Russian
(Artemesia dracunculoides) commonly known as wormwood

Appx 5000 s/g
Russian Tarragon is not as strong flavoured as the French varieties and is used in many culinary dishes including Hollandaise, Bearnaise and Tartar sauce. The leaves are a good source of Iodine and Vitamins A and C


Sow the seeds indoors from April - May.
The seed should be sown on the surface of a good quality seed compost (DO NOT COVER).
Seeds will germinate at between 15 and 20 deg C.
The trays or pots should then be enclosed inside a propagator or a sealed CLEAR polythene bag until germination which takes About 2 - 3 weeks.
Once large enough to handle the plants should be transplanted to individual pots and gradually acclimatised to outside conditions.
Plant into final position once fully hardened off.
The plants will flourish in any well drained soil.

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