Sweetcorn F1 Incredible Seeds - 250 grams
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Sweetcorn F1 Incredible Seeds - 250 grams
A Main Season cropping variety with sugar enhanced cobs
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Sweetcorn Incredible

A main season variety that produces medium sized sugar enhanced cobs with approx 17 rows of Corn per cob.


Sow seeds from April to June, spacing 20-30cm x 75-95cm,  Sweetcorn is best sown in blocks ie 20 plants in rows of 5 per row by 4 rows.
The seeds will germinate at between 18 and 30°C.
Harvest August to October.
A Bi-weekly feed with tomato fertiliser will help ensure a good crop.
Avoid damaging the root system when (if) transplanting (the use of peat pots can help) 
A good guide to the ripeness of the cobs is the shrivelling browning of the silks at the 
end of the cob. Squeezing kernels is a good test to how ripe the cobs are, a watery 
liquid suggest unripe, milky liquid ripe to harvest, thick dough like substance the cobs 
have gone over and past it. Twisting the cobs off the plant close to eating time will 
ensure great tasting sweet cobs.
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