Sweetcorn F1 Earlibird 30 Seeds
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Sweetcorn F1 Earlibird 30 Seeds
A Super Sweet variety that produces an early crop of Cobs
Product Code : 100483

Height : Tall

Season : Summer

Sow : Spring

Flavour : Super Sweet

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Sweetcorn Ealribird

This variety is a super sweet variety that produces possibly the earliest crop of high quality cobs available at the moment. Each cob is Appx 20 cm in length with about 16 rows of grain.

Sow the seeds from April - June.
The seeds will germinate at between 18 and 30 deg C.
Harvest August - October.
Plant Sweetcorn in blocks - This packet will allow you to plant a block of 5 rows with 5 plants per row.
If possible avoid planting different varieties of sweetcorn to close together to avoid cross pollination which can result in poorer crops.
A fortnightly feed with a tomato fertiliser will help in crop production.
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