Sempervivum Species Mix - Appx 50 seeds
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Sempervivum Species Mix - Appx 50 seeds
this mix of sempervivum will provide a good mix of alpine varieties that are ideal as rockery plants
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A great mix of plants that are ideal for the rock gardens or borders. These also look great when growing in old walls / paving.


Sow the seeds from March - July on the surface of a good quality moist seed compost. Cover the seed lightly with a thin layer of Vermiculite/Compost
Maintain a temp of between 18 - 20 deg C
Keep the surface of the compost moist and DO NOT exclude sunlight.
These can be very slow to germinate and quite erratic. If no signs of growth after 8 weeks it is best to chill the seeds in a fridge for 3 weeks and then move into a warmer area.
Once large enough to handle transplant the seedlings into 3" pots.
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