Rosemary - Appx 40 - 50 seeds
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Rosemary - Appx 40 - 50 seeds
A perennial Herb used in many dishes - Superb with Lamb
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Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Evergreen shrub with grey-green pinnate leaves. Height 30-60cm. A superb addition to Roast Lamb!!


Sow in Autumn. Germination can be a bit erratic and occur over a long
period of time, so seed trays should not be thrown out prematurely. Cover the seed lightly if at all
and maintain a constant level of moisture. Rosemary benefits from lower
temperatures and will germinate at around 5 Deg Celsius.

This can be a awkward seed to germinate but with care you should be able to produce enough plants to sustain your culinary needs for years to come!!!

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Reported Health benefits:-

Rosemary has been reported to aid in Memory and also is a good source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B6


Greek mythology reports that Aphordite was drpaed in Rosemay when arising from the Sea, the Virgin Mary is alsomsaid to have drped her cloak over a bush of Rosemary which then turned the flowers Blue - The plant was then known as the Rose of Mary.


The plants can either be gown from seeds or from stem cuttings - for stem cutting fresh new shoots should be slected which are then potted into the oil / compost. The soil / compost should be free drainign as this variety does not like waterlogged soil.

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