Radish Cherry Belle - Appx 150 Seeds
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Radish Cherry Belle - Appx 150 Seeds
A globe variety that has good flavour and can be left in the ground without becoming woody for longer than some other varities
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Radish Cherry Belle

A scarlet variety of Radish that produces a good crop of succulent Radish - this variety can stand in the ground longer than some others without bolting / splitting.


A fast-maturing, long season crop.
Sow the seeds thinly (Appx 1-2" apart) where they are to grow in a well cultivated bed and cover very lightly with soil.
Thin the seedlings if necessary to ensure 1-2" spacing 
Harvest when roots have formed 1" balls.
A popular salad item which is high yielding, in limited space. 
It makes an excellent catch crop throughout the season.
For early glasshouse production sow January-March. 
Sow main crop March-August. 
Sow late glasshouse crop September-October.
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