Pumpkin Sweet Lightning 10 Seeds
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Pumpkin Sweet Lightning 10 Seeds
A Great variety for Halloween with a striped skin
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This variety produces pumpkins that are unusually striped with orange and white. Makes a lovely decorative stuffed Pumpkin !!


Sow the seeds form late March - May individually into modules/pots.
Sow directly where the plants are to grow outside in June.
Plant spacing - approx 3'.
Prior to planting out enrich the soil with plenty of well rotted organic matter, making a small mound for the plant to sit upon is also recommended.
For larger fruits, Once established, you should 'stop' the plants after 2 - 3 fruits appear on the vine. 
These are very hungry plants so a weekly feed with a tomato based fertiliser will encourage larger fruits and if not 'stopped' a larger quantity of smaller fruits. 
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