Pumpkin Connecticut Field - Heirloom variety - 10 seeds
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Pumpkin Connecticut Field - Heirloom variety - 10 seeds
An old variety that can produce 20 lb pumpkins that are ideal in Pumpkin Pie and for Halloween, 10 seed and 30 seed packs available
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A truly old variety that was first used by the Native Americans the the settlers in the USA. This variety can produce large 20lbs pumpkins that are ideal for the all American Pumpkin Pie..


Sow the seeds form late March - May individually into modules/pots
Sow directly where the plants are to grow outside in June
Plant spacing is very dependant on how big you want the pumpkin to grow but a minimum of 1.5 - 2 metres is a good starting point
Prior to planting out enrich the soil with plenty of well rotted organic matter, making a small mound for the plant to sit upon is also recommended.
Once established you should 'stop' the plants after 2 - 3 fruits appear on the vine. Stopping with only one fruit will possibly make a larger fruit but the fruits will be more likely to split.
These are very hungry plants so a weekly feed with a tomato based fertiliser will encourage larger fruits.
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