Petunia Mulitflora Crown mix F2 - Appx 1800 seeds
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Petunia Mulitflora Crown mix F2 - Appx 1800 seeds
A great value variety of Petunia that will add colour to your borders
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An excellent value for money variety that will produce a profusion of flowers in a range of colours from May - Oct. This Mix has been specially selected for its prolific growth making it an ideal basket / bedding variety!!


Sow from Feb - April on the surface of a good quality dampened seed compost and lightly press into the surface
Do not cover the seeds or block light as light helps germination.
Keep compost moist but not wet (waterlogged)
Optimum germination temperature is 20 - 27 deg C.
Placing the seed tray in a plastic bag after sowing will help to keep moisture in.
Germination can take upto 30 days.
Once large enough to handle the seedlings can be potted on into cells or 3"pots
Once all risk of frost has passed plant in final position in baskets or open ground in a sunny position with well drained soil.
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