Parsnip F1 Gladiator 150 seeds
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Parsnip F1 'Gladiator' 150 seeds
A superb variety that shows good resistance to Canker and has an excellent flavour - Great for competition work and eating.
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Parsnip F1 Gladiator

This variety produces Long tapered pale skinned roots. The variety also has a good decree of resistance to canker - a common problem amongst some parsnip varieties. It has an excellent flavour and also makes a good competition variety.


Sow the seeds From February - April Outdoors.
These seeds can be sown individually appx 6" apart in rows.
Sow the seed to a depth of 1/2" allowing between 12" and 18" between rows.
The Crop can be harvested over a long period, Sept - March as long as the ground does not become water logged.
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