Marjoram Sweet - Appx 1000 seeds
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Marjoram Sweet - Appx 1000 seeds
A very versatile Herb used in many culinary applications such as stews and salads
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Marjoram Sweet
Origanum marjorana


Sweet Marjoram, also known as 'Italian Oregano' is possibly one of the most versatile of the culinary herbs. The list of uses is endless but includes salads, roasts and soups. An easy plant to grow that is a must for any Herb garden. It is also used by herbalists to relieve high blood pressure and headaches. It can also be a Laxative so be careful!!!


Sow the seeds From early spring to Early Summer appx 1.5 cm deep in a good quality seed compost.
Keep the compost moist but not water logged.
The trays/pots should then be placed in a polythene bag or propagator (we have Propagator lids available in our shop!) until the seeds germinate which should take upto 3 weeks with a minimum day/night temp of 16 Deg C.
When the seedlings are large enough to handle they can be potted on into 3" pots.
Once all risk of frost has passed the plants can again be potted on either into a sunny position outside or into larger pots (30cm).

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