Lupin Russel series Mixed - 150 seeds
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Lupin Russel series Mixed - 150 seeds
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Lupin Russel Mix

Possibly the best known Strain of Lupin - this mix contains a blend of all the varieties we have on offer.


Sow the seeds in Trays of pots of a good quality moist seed compost and lightly cover
Ideally place in a propagator but any warm place will do
Maintain a temp of 15 - 18 Deg C for 2 weeks
The seed will then require a period of cold for 3 - 6 weeks (a cool refridgerator is ideal)
The seeds should then be returned to 15 - 18 Deg C for a further 6 - 10 weeks - If germination has still not happened then the seed will require a further period of cooling Down (0 deg C is fine) for a further 3 - 6 weeks
During this time regularly check the seed for signs of germination, as soon as you spot germination return to 15 - 18 deg C ad allow the plants to grow.
Once large enough to handle transplant into 3" pots and grow on in a cool greenhouse/coldframe.
When ready to plant out space the plants approx 12" apart and in full sun.

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