Lemon Grass east Indian 200 seeds - Herbs
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Lemon Grass (east Indian) 200 seeds - Herbs
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Lemon Grass - Cymbopogon flexuosus

A variety of lemon grass that grows to Appx 30cm, It is widely used in culinary dishes and as a scent!


Sow the seeds thinly (a few in each pot is best) from Jan onwards on the surface of a good quality moist seed compost in 3" pots.
Lightly cover the seeds with a thin layer of compost/vermiculite ( available in our shop ) and place in a propagator or clear plastic bag.
Maintain a temp of approx 20 - 22 deg C (critical)
Germination can be slow and erratic and could take upto 2 months.
Once all risk of frost has passed and the seedlings have been thoroughly acclimatised they can be planted outside in a sheltered sunny position. Alternatively pot them up into a good quality soil based compost in large pots.
The plants can be harvested in Appx 3 months.
This plant is frost tender so of you wish to keep them for next year it is best to lift the plants and pot them into large pots and keep them ion a warm Greenhouse/conservatory.
Growing Lemon Grass is not easy in the UK - the guide above in no way guarantees germination. Temp fluctuations can cause the seed to halt the germination process so great care must be taken. Equally overwatering and underwatering the seeds during germination will also cause problems. The compost should be Damp and not waterlogged.
That said a few germinated seeds will produce enough Lemon grass to keep you supplies for some time once established.
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