Hot Pepper Bhut Jolokia - Capsicum - Chilli - 8 seeds
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Hot Pepper Bhut Jolokia - Capsicum - Chilli - 8 seeds
HOT HOT HOT !! One of the hottest peppers on the market!!
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Recognised as if not the hottest pepper in the world (the record i currently held by the Carolina reaper.. but for how long !!) this pepper is certainly a real mouth melter !!! at over 1,000,000 SHU's this pepper is 900 times hotter than tabasco sauce!!! care should be taken when handling any part of this plant as irritation can occur.


This variety is not easy to grow here in the Uk - A great deal of patience is required with germination times exceeding 6 weeks being common 
The seeds should be sown on a good quality pre moistened seed compost in individual pots.
Cover very lightly with either finer compost or vermiculite.
place inside a propagator and maintain a SOIL temp of min 70 deg F max 90 deg F
VERY VERY IMPORTANT  ------ Maintain this temp day and night.
Seed may take upto and in excess of 6 weeks to germinate and germination can be erratic so do not give up to early (some seed may take 12 weeks plus!)
Once large enough to handle (with great care for you and the plants) pot on into larger pots - say a 12 " pot with a good quality soil based compost.
Still maintaining a min temp day and night of around 80 deg F grow the plants on. These plants do require good lighting so we recommend avoiding windowledges etc although they may well work for you. A heated and greenhouse is our preferred method with germination in a powered propagator that provides heat from the bottom.
Do not over water once repotted - allow the surface of the compost to dry out and try to water from the bottom of the pots by plunging into luke warm water.
these are really a greenhouse variety as the plants do require warmth and room.
Fruiting times will be approx 100 + days.
Many parts of these plants can cause sever irritation - avoid contact at all time unless necessary and keep children away...
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