Hot Pepper - Tabasco - 10 seeds
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Hot Pepper - Tabasco - 10 seeds
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As used for Tabasco sauce, this pepper has fruits which measure 2.5-3cm long and up to 1cm wide. Upright pods. Ripens from greenish-yellow, to orange, to red. Extremely hot. which measure 2.5-4cm long and 2.5-3cmwide. Very hot


Sow early December-January Under glass, or formaincrop March - April. Spacing 30-60cmx 45-90cm.
The seeds germinate between 25 and 30°C.
Grow on at 16-23°C. The seeds require good ventilation so do not further cover the seeds in bags/propagators unless absolutely necessary.
Harvest from early April/May, ormaincrop from July.
Only water when the soil around the roots is dry as overwatering can produce a smaller crop of more sour tasting fruits. A ph level in the growing media that is slightly acidic is useful .
The seeds do not need sunlight to germinate, but once theysprout you need to place them under fluorescent lights for 10 to 16 hoursper day. You can reduce the temperature to 70 degrees after they sprout.
A liquid feed with a good quality Tomato feed will be envigorate the plants once they are established but do not overwater/feed.
This variety may grow outdoors but they are best used as a greenhouse crop or perhaps on a nice sunny windowledge!!!
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