Hot Pepper - Purple Tiger 20 seeds / 50 seeds
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Hot Pepper - Purple Tiger 20 seeds / 50 seeds
A super variety with purple pods - very hot !
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Hot Pepper Purple Tiger

An attractive chilli that has variegated foliage and produces small fruits that turn from purple to red when ripe


Sow the seeds Indoors from March - April on pre-moistened compost.
The seed germinates between 25 and 30deg C so some heat, especially at night maybe required.
Lightly cover the seeds with fine compost or vermiculite.
Lightly pressing down on the surface ensures good contact between the seed and the compost.
Once the first true leaves have formed transplant on into 3" pots.
plant out into final positions after hardening off for outdoor crops.
If they are to be grown under glass a minimum of a 10" pot is needed
These plants can also be sown from December onwards in a heated greenhouse for en earlier crop.
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