Gomphrena Strawberry fields - 100 seeds
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Gomphrena Strawberry fields - 100 seeds
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A A glorious plant that produces stunning deep red flowers that are ideal for dried flower arrangers.The plants will rech a height of 2 ' aned will bloom from July - Sept.


Sow the seeds thinly on the surface of a good quality moistened seed compost at min 18 max 25 deg C from March early April
Cover the seed Lightly and keep the compost moist (best done by soaking the tray in a tray of water rather than watering from the surface)
Germination should occur within 10 - 30 days.
Once large enough to handle the young plants can be transplanted into either 3" pots or tray cells.
Gradually acclimatise to outside conditions
A fortnightly feed with a potash based fertiliser (Tomato fertiliser) will encourage good growth and plenty of flowers.
Transplant to final position from late May onwards when all risk of frost has passed.
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