Fenugreek Trigonella foenum
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Fenugreek 'Trigonella foenum'
Fenugreek 'Trigonella foenum'
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A culinary herb widely used in Indian cuisine. Plants can also be used as a green manure.


The seeds can either be used as 'Sprouting seeds' or as a leaf crop which should be harvested at appx 25cm tall when the leaves are still young and tender.
for ' Sprouting seeds '
Place seed in a jam jar and cover with appx 5 times the amount of seed with water. Cover the jar with a muslin cloth.
Leave seed to soak overnight and in the morning drain the water of through the muslin.
Rinse / wash the seeds at least twice daily.
Continue with this process until the seeds have sprouted and are ready to eat. Rinsing the seed is essential to help prevent the seeds becoming mouldy.
for ' Leaf Crops '
Sow the seed appx 5mm deep in a good quality seed compost from March onwards.
The plants can be planted outside once all risk of frost has passed.
Sowing seeds every few weeks will ensure a longer harvesting period.
A free draining fertile soil is best suited for leaf production.
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