Seekay Horticultural Supplies Ltd Edible flowers
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We have many varieties of plants both flowers and Herbs and vegetables that will produce edible flowers. Care should always be taken when eating flowers etc as there are some that are poisonous.

We take every care to ensure that the seeds we provide are fully verified and will produce the flowers / plants as described. When harvesting please ensure the flowers you select are truly the correct variety.

A quick guide on the use and collection of Edible flowers

Try to avoid collecting flowers from the wild - you will have very little idea of what may or mau not have been deposited on the flowers.

People who may have allergies should not eat flowers.

Accurate identification of flowers is essential – if you are in doubt, don’t eat

Try to only pick younger flowers and buds in the morning - avoid collecting in damp conditions.

Always use the flowers ASAP if not immediately. The flowers could possibly be kept in a cool fridge but if they shown signs of wilting do not use them

Generally, only the petals are used so it would be bets to remove all other matter including any pollen residue etc

This info is only a guide - if you have any doubts then the best advise is to not eat them