Echium - Snow tower - Blue Steeple - Pink Fountain - 20 seeds
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Echium - Snow tower - Blue Steeple - Pink Fountain - 20 seeds
Magnificent spikes of flowers - a real eye opener
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Blue Steeple / Snow Tower / Pink Fountain

A stunning plant that is becoming more popular in the UK. The enormous (upto 15') flower spikes are truly magnificent. They are classified as a Half Hardy perennial which means they will need some protection from frost if you wish them to come up year after year.


Sow the seeds thinly with compost Feb - May
Once large enough to handle select the best plants and grow on in 3" pots
Plant out into final position when all chances of frost have passed

These are not the easiest of seed to grow but are well worth the effort.
Take care when handling the seed/plants as they can be an irritant to the skin.
The plant will produce a small clump of leaves in the first year but in the second it produces the huge flower spike.
Seen a lot on the Canary Isles this plant is fast becoming a must have for gardeners and designers in the UK

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