Dwarf Broad Bean The Sutton - 30 seeds
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Dwarf Broad Bean The Sutton - 30 seeds
A superb variety for small spaces or exposed sites
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Broad Bean The Sutton Dwarf

The Dwarf variety for of Broad Bean that is ideal for overwintering. Very good cold tolerance and very suitable for exposed areas, compact plants with high yields of pods containing 6-7 white beans per pod. Grows to approximately 45cm in height. A very early maturing variety.


Sow February to March For later cropping or preferably sow from October to Jan for earlier harvests
Harvest from May to October
Plant spacing 20cm in double rows with 60 cm between each double row.
Once the plants have set 4 sets of flowers the tops can be pinched out to help prevent infestation by blackfly although this is not always necessary.
The old plants can also be ploughed in as a green manure.
Broad Beans do attract black fly - you could try planting Garlic or perhaps Tanacetum cinerariifolium between or next to the rows (both on sale in our shop) to help prevent the infestation. - It worked for me !!
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Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition 30 seeds
Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition 30 seeds
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