Delphinium Belladonna mixed 30 seeds
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Delphinium Belladonna mixed 30 seeds
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A beautiful mix that has magnificent blues through to white flowers. The spikes are tall and make ideal cut flowers. Each plant can get to appx 1.2 meters in height


Sow the seeds on the surface of a good quality moist compost from Feb - July and gently firm onto the surface.
(early sowings may flower the same year!)
Cover lightly with Vermiculite (We have this available in our ebay shop)
Seal the pot/tray into a polythene bag and place in a shady cool spot.
Keep the compost moist but not water logged.
Germination can take between 2 - 5 weeks so do not be to hasty to give up on the seeds.
The optimum temp for germination is 15 - 18 deg C
Transplant into 3" pots when large enough to handle and grow on in a cool moist area.
Once large enough to plant out space the plants appx 2 feet apart
A partially shady/sunny area will suit them best.
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