Dahlia figaro mix 50 seeds
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Dahlia figaro mix 50 seeds
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Dahlia Figaro Mix

An Improved Strain of Rigoletto Dahlia that produces compact plants with a large percentage of double blooms in a variety of colours and grows to a height of Appx 20". Flower are produced from July - October.
Generally grown as an annual these plants will however produce tubers that can be lifted in the Autumn for storage and then replanted next spring!!


Sow the seeds in Feb - Mar on the surface of moistened but not water logged seed compost. and cover lightly with vermiculite.
Seal inside a propagator and keep at a temp of 18 - 20 deg C.
Germination should take approx 7 - 10 days.
When large enough to handle pot on individually into 3" pots taking care not to damage the root structure.
Finally plant out when all risk of frost has passed in a bright sunny position with a rich soil.
In Autumn when leaves start to die back prune back the stems to about 6" and lift the tubers which will have formed under ground. These should be stored overwinter in a cool place that is frost free in vermiculite or similar. These can then be replanted in the spring once all risk of frost has passed.
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