Cucurbita Pepo - Gourds Small fruited Mix - 45 seeds
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Cucurbita Pepo - Gourds Small fruited Mix - 45 seeds
A super mix of Small gourds for decoration both in and out of the house
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Cucurbita Pepo - Gourds - Small fruited Mix

A Mix of small fruited gourds that are ideal for decorating or to add interest to your borders. The multi coloured fruits are a real eye catcher both on the plants and also when used in table decoration.


Sow the seeds either in trays or pots of a good quality moistened seed compost and cover lightly with compost to a depth of about 0.5cm from late March - June.

Keep the compost moist and grow at a temp of 18 - 20 deg C

Once the plants have made 2 true leaves (not the first to leaves) prick out carefully and pot on into 3" pots.

When all risk of frost has passed plant out in final position adding netting / twigs / Branches for support. (These are a climber and get get to over 6 feet tall.)

Harvesting the fruits.

At Season end the plants will start to go over - this is the best time to Harvest the fruits. Using a sharp sterilised knife carefully cut each stem. Dispose of any damaged fruits that are bruised or have any other defects.

Wash the fruits in a disinfectant wash (follow manufacturers guidelines) and then allow to dry naturally, store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight (Direct sunlight will damage the fruits) for about 4 weeks. They are then ready to use !!
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