Cucumber Delikatess - pickling type - Appx 120 seeds
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Cucumber Delikatess - pickling type - Appx 120 seeds
A superb variety of pickling Cucumber with high yields of tasty fruits
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Cucumber Delikatess - Pickling Cucumber

A superb variety of Cucumber that produces fruits upto appx 30cm. When young the fruits can be eaten as they are but for best results we recommend allowing them to grow to maturity and making tasty pickles. An easy to grow outdoor variety that will produce an abundance of fruits.


Sow the seeds from late March under glass (or in a warm place) in pots / trays of moist compost and cover with appx 0.5 cm of moist compost. 
Keep warm (appx 18 - 22 deg C) day and night
The seeds should take around 7 - 21 days to germinate.
Once large enough to handle (when the first true leaves have been formed - Not the first 2 flat seed leaves) the little seedlings can be safely transplanted on into pots (min 9cm)
When all risk of frost has passed these can be planted outside and allowed to climb a supporting structure.
Keep well watered and harvest almost daily to prolong the harvest period.
A fornightly feed with a tomato based fertiliser will also help but is not essential.
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