Cucumber Beth Alpha - 80 seeds
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Cucumber Beth Alpha - 80 seeds
A super variety for salads - harvest when young
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Cucumber Beth Alpha

A superb variety for glass house production, The fruits are bested harvested when young (appx 6 inches) to ensure a super sweet taste. 

Sow the seeds into pots (2 -3 seeds per pot) from March - April on the surface of a pre-moistened seed compost and cover lightly.
Maintain a temp of between 18 deg c and 22 deg C day and night until germination keeping the compost moist but not waterlogged.
Once large enough to handle (allow the plant to make at least 2 true leaves) the seedlings can be potted on into individual pots (3 inch pots are ideal)
Allow to grow on in the pots prior to planting out in Grow bags or large pots.
This variety will need staking as the weight of the fruits will cause the plants to collapse.

Harvest regularly to lengthen harvesting period.

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