Coir Coco Fibre Bricks - 650 grams
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Coir Coco Fibre Bricks - 650 grams
Sterile Coco fibre that has been compressed
Product Code : COIRBLOCK650G
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Coco Fibre Bricks

Coco fibre bricks are a compressed medium that once soaked expands to approx 9 litres of sterile substrate. This can be be mixed with other composts or used as a stand alone product. We use this in our terrariums for plant growth - this is a nutrient free medium so the addition of some fertiliser is required for continued growth. for a more natural environment we also add dry leaves and some insect cultures (millipedes etc) that help to keep the soil and plants happy. We can supply both the insects and fertilisers - please contact us for prices.

To wet the brick we recommend placing the brick in a large bowl and adding water until the brick has absorbed the water and fully expanded. Ensure there is no dry matter within the compost.
great for use in terrariums etc.
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