Cape Gooseberry - Physalis edulis
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Cape Gooseberry - Physalis edulis
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A fruit that is growing in popularity, the Cape Gooseberry the Cape Gooseberry is a tall growing plant that produces flowers from July - August which are followed by orange/red berries.


Sow the seeds from Feb - April on the surface of a good quality damp seed compost and cover lightly.
Place the tray/pot in a propagator and maintain a temp of between 18 - 21 Deg C.
Germination should occur within 3 weeks.
Once the seedlings are large enough to handle tranplant on into 3" pots prior to plantng out once all risk of frost has passed.
Allow at least 2 feet between plants to ease harvesting
A fortnightly feed with a Tomato Fertiliser will increase fruit production
The plants may need staking. Harvest when the fruits are ripe. The fruits will store longer if they are kept in there husks.
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