Cabbage F1 Tundra - 50 seeds
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Cabbage F1 Tundra - 50 seeds
A superb Hardy variety of Savoy cabbage for Harvesting January - February or October - December.
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A Superb Winter variety that produces Compact heads. Can be planted close together. This variety has excellent winter hardiness and is best sown successionally from Early May - end of July for harvesting from October - to the following May

Sow the seeds under glass in March - July (min 10 deg C).
Plant out when large enough to handle - Some protection from birds maybe necessary.
A Free draining yet moisture retentive soil is best. 
Cabbages should not be grown on a site that has had Manure added in the previous 12months.
Plant out into final spacing at 30 - 60cm between plants
It is a good practice to rotate the position of your Cabbage crop to avoid the build of of possible bacteria/fungi/disease. 
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