Bromeliad Species - Mixed - 5 plants
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Bromeliad Species - Mixed - 5 plants
A super plant - ideal for Bonsai - easy to grow
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Stunning plants that are ideal for terrariums etc. The plants produce rosettes of leaves and a single flower spike that comes in a variety of colours / shapes.
We endeavour to have 5 different varieties in each pack.

Watering and light

bromeliads do not like to sit in water so avoid over watering which will cause root rot. A free draining compost is best. The plants will require humid conditions (appx 60%) - this can be achieved by lightly spraying the plants with water (not Tap water).

The plants will require good levels of light although direct sunlight can be harmful.


Bromeliads tend to flower only once - they do however produce pups (small plants attached to the side of the parent) that give them some longevity and the ability to keep them going on for longer than a single plants life span.
The smaller Pups can be carefully removed using a sharp sterile knife and then planting on with some rooting compound.


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