Asparagus Mary Washington - Appx 85 seeds
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Asparagus Mary Washington - Appx 85 seeds
A super variety with a great flavour
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Asparagus Mary Washington

This variety of Asparagus produces green stemmed shoots with purple tips. Asparagus is easy to grow but patience is needed as it is recommended not to harvest from the plants for 3 years. 

Pre soak the seed the night before planting in water.
place a maximum of 3 seeds on the surface of compost in 3" pots and cover lightly.
Once the plants are large enough to handle they can be potted on into individual pots if needed.
Prior to planting out a bed should be dug over and large amounts of well rotted Organic matter incorporated.
The plants can then be planted out allowing a minimum of 14" between plants.
Keep the soil moist but not water logged (the organic matter will help here)
I would not recommend harvesting in the 2nd year as this will stress the plants making them weaker. Instead a bit of patience will yield a far more super
ior crop in the 3rd year.
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