Asparagus Connover s Colossal - Appx 85 Seeds
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Asparagus Connover's Colossal - Appx 85 Seeds
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Asparagus Connover's Colossal

A Very tasty and much sought after vegetable. This variety produces a good crop of  thick stems after a 3 years in the open ground. Steamed or grilled and then drizzled with butter and pepper these are one of lifes luxuries. An easy plant to grow and recommended to anyone. 


Sow seeds Indoors in January or diectly outside from Mid April
Seeds sown indoors/outdoors should be soaked overnight in warm water to help with germination of the seeds. 
After the seeds have germinated from indoor sowings they can be transplanted outside at appx 12 " spacing. Seeds sown outdoors should be thinned to 8" spacings and then again once the plants are more established to 12" spacing.
It is recommended not to harvest the stems for the first 3 years to allow the plants to become more established. Keep the are weed free and do not allow the soil to become dried out. Adding well rotted orgasnic matter to the soil prior to planting/sowing will encourage vigorous growth and an annual mulch of the same will benefit these plants enormously. 
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